PasswordGear for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

You can get it now fron the App Store on iTunes. Or just search for “passwordgear” That name is a little long for the iPhone’s screen, so on your phone, it gets shortened to “PassGear”.

PasswordGear took way longer to get perfect than we expected, but Apple made up for that by clearing the App for the App Store in one hour 40 minutes. Is that a record? We weren’t expecting it that quick. You know, maybe a couple of weeks of testing, and you hear stories of some Apps getting rejected for all sorts of reasons.

As this was our first App on any platform, let alone Apple, there was a lot to discover and learn. But it was pretty intuitive, and Apple had clearly gone to a lot of effort to make developing for different iOS devices easier.

When we start developing PasswordGear for other platforms, it may not be so easy.